Delivering to NYC and parts of Westchester, NJ, and Long Island!


FDNY / NYPD Donation Program: 
We are proud to donate Christmas Trees to NYC's Bravest & Finest to bring some holiday cheer to Police and Fire stations. Please have a representative contact us and we will do our absolute best to get your fire house or police station set up with a beautiful free tree. Thank you for being our New York City Heroes!

At NYC Trees, we believe in the importance of “thinking globally and acting locally”. For us, this means being aware of the benefits and consequences of the farming processes.  We choose to use sustainable and environmentally-friendly farms for all of our premium Fraser Firs.

Throughout their time in regional fields, the trees will provide habitat for birds and animals, fresh oxygen for us to breath, prevent soil erosion and provide visual beauty for each community.

For every tree harvested during the Christmas season, our tree farms plant 2-3 in its place.  Each spring’s new plantings will be nurtured and cared for over the next decade.

Recycle Your Tree: 
We strongly encourage all of our customers to recycle their tree at the end of the holiday season by bringing it to one of the various NYC Park locations to be turned into mulch. Turning your tree in mulch completes the sustainability process. The mulch is mixed with leaves and recycled into rich compost for NYC's parks, institutions, and community gardens. It is the perfect way to return your tree to the environment!

If you are unable to bring your tree to a mulching center, allow our dedicated removal team to come and safely remove your tree, store the stand for the following year if desired, and bring the tree directly to the mulch centers for processing. Visit our Tree Shop to order your tree removal today.  

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